Tap Into Your Never Ending Goodness

​​Dallas native Missy Payne competed in Season 29 of the hit CBS TV show Survivor. Out of that experience has come The Invisible 7. Within the pages of this interactive workbook, Missy shares her Survivor experiences and provides readers with “challenges” and opportunities to tap into seven character traits that every person carries with them from birth. Discover how to unlock the profound mysteries of the seven traits: equality, humility, integrity, resilience, self-discipline, compassion and generosity. Complete the challenges, and you are guaranteed unexpected life shifts! You'll also be an inspiration to the people you encounter along the way.You want a true mind-body-soul connection? Utilize this workbook to break the mold and find a unique way to serve your community, bring together your family unit, and discover amazingly cool things about yourself. 

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Jen Rose ~ 31 Gifts (Grandbury, TX)

I was so impressed by Missy’s seminar and her demeanor. She was so invested in each person and their story. She was truly inspiring and I will be forever grateful for her unique perspective on changing my own. 

Aidan D ~ Western Colorado University (Gunnison, CO)

Missy's  workshop was an eye-opening experience for me.  She got us involved in doing different challenges and becoming a team.  I learned to release stuff in my past that happened to me that I couldn't control. I learned what makes a good leader and how to be one that everyone likes.  I will use the invisible 7 to live a better life in general. 

Malinda C ~Kids Central (Wildwood, FL)

I have been in child welfare for 10 years and this training was by far one of the best ones I have ever attended...Shoot I've even presented at a few statewide trainings and yours far supersedes anything I have ever provided.  I am not typically one that likes crowd participation but you made it so incredibly enjoyable. I was honestly sad it was over.  

Clay C ~ Dallas Mavericks | Mavs Gaming

Missy is very entertaining and provides a very engaging presentation!  It will make a lasting impression with the team! 

Clarissa B. ~ The Talkington School (Lubbock, TX)

Missy's energy and enthusiasm is contagious and it was just what our staff needed this Spring. I enjoyed getting to know  the people I work with better. It was insightful... providing opportunities for us to be intentional in our relationship building at work. Please come again! 

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